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"I had to pleasure of working with Dan when he was our Production Manager at the Red Devil Lounge. Dan is a high integrity self-starter who is extremely organized. He adapts to various last minute, high stress situations with various bands and performs and always shines. He is someone who I am thrilled to have had the opportunity to work with as part of our team. He is a find for anyone seeking a great sound engineer." June 20, 2013
--Jay Siegan, Nightclub owner, artist manager, event producer, TEDx Music Curator, avid fundraiser, all around music guy.

“I was privileged to have Dan on sound and lights for my 6-show series at the Rrazz Room in 2010. It is a pleasure to work with someone who is not only as proficient, professional and expert as he is at his craft, but someone who really listens and pays attention. He made my sound fit my voice. He mixed my band to complement me and make us sound great together. And he colored my stage with lights all suited to the experience I wanted to generate from the individual songs in my set. Dan Foldes is THE BEST!” March 15, 2011
--Linda Kosut, Singer of jazz, pop and folk

“In all honesty, Daniel has been one of the best people I have ever worked with since I have been running my own business. Over the last 14 years or so, I can tell you that he is one of the only professionals that has been timely, fulfilled all of his promises and been professional and courteous along the way. I can't say enough about his ethic and conduct. It speaks volumes as to what type of person he is. I would highly recommend working with Daniel and look forward to any future business that we might do together.” February 2, 2009
--Ronnie Shellist, Owner, Harmonica123

“Daniel was a fantastic intern who I believe will become an amazing engineer. His desire for knowledge was extreme. He would never let anything get in his way of understanding audio. His work ethic was also excellent. He was always early for sessions and completely ready for the tasks that lay ahead that day. My clients found him to be supportive and fast. Anyone would be lucky to have him on their team.” May 19, 2011
--Buddy Saleman, Owner, Potrero Post

“Daniel does a great job with a great attitude. This kid is going to go far.” August 25, 2009
--Jerry Stucker, guitarist, bassist, producer

“Daniel worked with me in the Summer of 2007. He did quite a few shows for Banana Sound as an audio engineer and he was an absolute joy to work with. He is very dedicated to the projects in which he was assigned and would be an excellent asset to anyone who hires him.” February 2, 2009
--Dean Mattson, Owner Banana Sound, Touring Monitor Engineer w/ Yes

“Daniel is not only a great tech but also a great person. I recommend him for concert production of any kind and size.” September 24, 2009
--Lucas De Cesco, Sound Engineer (FOH and Monitors), Alchemy Concert Systems/Audiovisual

“Daniel is a dedicated sound professional. He is personable, respectful and appreciative of employment opportunities."
--Stu Urfrig, Owner at Alchemy Concert Systems/Audiovisual